Showcase: Transport-frame tracking.

RBC transport is tracing it’s frames with building materials all over Netherlands. By having all frames connected, they now can track the whereabouts of all materials.

By preventing loss of time by detours or missing items, their operations now runs much more efficient.

The Miggy AC-01 sensor is attached to the frames (see the small black device right of the ‘077’ sign). In static state, once per hour a location is send, revealing the frame’s location. As soon as the frame is picked-up and moved, an alert is send and during moving an location is send every 15 min. This acts as both an alarming and tracking function.

Device used: Miggy AC-01
quantity: 500
Location: Netherlands
Cost savings: €15.000/ year

Next function to implement will be an tilt sensor, so we can detect if a frame is not placed horizontally, which can cause damage during offloading.