Who is Miggy?

Miggy was founded by Mike van der Ark and Remco Sablerolle. Between them they have over 30 years experience within technology and telecommunications.



Remco worked in telecommunications for 16 years. After Alcatel & KPN, he was responsible for the technical operations at the after sales processes for Mobile products at Samsung Electronics for 10 years.



Mike is a partner at BTC for 15 years, one of the most respected B2B telecom-resellers in the Netherlands. In his role he advises companies about telecom and IT solutions.

Miggy is founded to fil the gap between the needs of the market and the offer from the industry.

During chats with relations and customers about IoT we found out that there is a huge gap between the needs of the companies and that what is there to offer from the market. If you look at the IoT market, there are the hardware vendors, the connectivity suppliers, the portal builders, the system integrators, purchasers and users.

We have found out that, as the IoT market is quite new, there is no single solution. Companies who do want to start wit IoT, will have to find out for themselves about available hardware, connectivity, portals and most importantly: how to integrate all this together.

Miggy aims to make this easier by offering a full solution by utilizing our experience, creativity and network.

If you like to know more about us, let’s chat!