Miniature LoRaWAN Accelerometer

The AC-01 is a small size, LoRa accelerometer with embedded temperature sensor. By using network location-based-services (LBS) it can be used as a tracker for various use cases.
Because no battery-draining GPS-chip is needed, this device is one of the smallest location trackers on the market today.

The high-sensitive accelerometer detects the smallest amount of vibration, this allows this sensor to be used as motion alarm or usage counter.


ConnectivityLORA (EU868)
Sensors Acceleration, Temperature (internal)
Location tracker Triangulation (+/- 30 to 80m)
Antenna Internal (omnidirectional)
Battery 2x AAA, non-user-replaceable
Battery endurance 3 to 5 years*
Precision of temperature sensor +/- 20%
Sensitivity of movement detector 0.25G
Measurements (l x w x h) 74 x 28 x 23 mm
Protection factor IP68

Working modes:

In static position the AC-01 sends an uplink (heartbeat) every 60 min.
At detection of movement or vibration an uplink is triggered with an ‘in trip’ Flag.
During continuous movement the device sends out an uplink every 15 min.

The KPN LoRa network server calculates the position of the device by triangulation of the received signal. Within our portal we visualize this data to show current and past locations and movement history.

Furthermore, you can set alerts & alarms on geofences & movements, making the AC-01 an excellent low-cost location tracker, usage counter and alarm.


The versatile and waterproof casing ensures a solid mounting in all situations. Status and connection of the sensor are communicated through 2 LED’s. Thanks to the internal antenna there are no additional external parts needed. The QR-code on the label can be used to activate the device and add to your administration.


The devices are configured with our default settings. We can apply customized settings to your specific needs.


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