Lora is generally the most energy-efficient and to be used for non-powered assets with long battery endurance (3-5 years). With Lora it is possible to perform triangulation on the radio signals, which allows to calculate a device position without the use of GPS.

Lora devices offer the lowest cost against and least maintenance.

LoRa explained

LoRa (Low Power Long Range) is a modern technology and designed specifically for low energy consumption. It supplements existing 2G, 3G and 4G networks as it is dedicated for IOT services. KPN has equipped all its antenna locations with LoRa gateways, resulting in a high overlap of signals.

The main benefit is that a signal from a sensor reaches multiple gateways.

This results in a very reliable transmission and allows us to calculate a location using the difference of time of the received signal between the gateways. (TDOA- Time Difference Of Arrival)

Therefore, for example, we do not need an GPS chip for location based services, resulting in small, energy efficient and cost-effective sensor devices.

Data rates

LoRa data rates range from 0.3 kbps to 50 kbps. Depending on the environmental conditions between the sensor device and the gateway, the network will determine the best settings (using ADR: Adaptive Data Rate). This currently is not user- configurable.

Network management

To maximize battery life, range and overall network capacity, the LoRa network can manage the data rate and output power used for the communication for each device individually.

The better the coverage, the less power is used by the device because the data can be sent faster.

Maximum duty cycle

The maximum number of messages per day is related to the fact that the LoRa network is operated in the unlicensed 868 MHz ISM band. The use of a device on limited to 1% of the time on air. In practice, this means a device is only allowed to upload a message once per 6 minutes.

For battery saving purposes Miggy limits uploads to maximum once per 15 minutes. :


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